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What is Structured Water?

Energized by the Natural Action of Water as in Nature

Structured water and vortex water are names for water that is energized in the same way as nature. Nature structures water as it actively flows through twists and turns like water cascading over rocks, tumbling through waves or rushing down a waterfall. By copying this natural process, structured water units uniquely enhance cellular hydration and body energy… all while providing refreshing drinking water loaded with negative ions.

Increased hydration
Increased hydration
Fresh tasting, invigorating water
Fresh tasting, invigorating water
Improved hair & skin health
Improved hair & skin health
Enhanced health & longevity
Enhanced health & longevity
Improves illness immunity
Improves illness immunity
Assists in detoxification & healing
Assists in detoxification & healing
Increased energy levels
Increased energy levels
Healthier gardens & pets
Healthier gardens & pets

Complete Health Services

Since 1976

As pioneers in the natural health field, we offer health testing services combined with investigative skills and therapies to identify and treat the underlying cause of an illness, not just the symptoms.

Whatever your condition, there is always a reason why and a means of addressing it. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to improve your health.

We all need to open our hearts and minds and let go of a limited perspective about healing and wellness.

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    Over the past 40+ years, we’ve  helped empower hundreds of people to take action and regain their health.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“My fast is coming along just GREAT!!!  It is absolutely the most amazing experience ever.  I am totally addicted to raw milk. I would bathe in it like Cleopatra (if it wasn’t so expensive!!). My skin is softer, my IBS symptoms seem to be less and less each day, no TMA thus far! Bless you for giving me the confidence and the knowledge to do this!  It’s awesome!!!!!”

Donna K.
Donna K.Florida

Jim Ehmke is a one of a kind nutritionist.  I’ve known Jim since 1995, and consider him to be not only an exceptionally capable and compassionate health detective, but a truly gifted and inspiring teacher.  Like no one else, he’s able to root out the true cause of difficult symptoms and at the same time expand one’s understanding of the human body and its incredible resiliency and innate repair capabilities.   It’s because of Jim that I chose the career path of nutritionist myself.  It’s also because of Jim that I sought and found answers to chronic functional issues, ultimately allowing me to realize a quality of life I didn’t know was possible for me.  I’ve witnessed the same type of transformation under Jim’s guidance in countless others as well.

Marcus S.
Marcus S.Madison, WI

I first consulted Jim in the mid-eighties and have valued his advice ever since.  He has the last word on any treatments suggested for me by medical doctors.  He has saved me from some of their bad advice such as their insistence that I take Fosamax for osteopenia.  Every member of my family has benefited from his help.  For example, when my husband was bent over in pain for weeks despite a visit to the ER, physical therapy, and megadoses of painkillers, Jim suggested magnesium and B6.  In a hour or two, the pain was gone!  Jim was very helpful to my daughter when she suffered from Crohn’s disease.  More recently when I switched to a doctor who evaluated my nutritional status–surprise, surprise!–no deficiencies!  Thanks, Jim!

Mary S.
Mary S.Summerfield, FL

As a health care professional, I find Jim’s knowledge and advice to surpass anyone I have ever met in the field.  I absolutely trust Jim’s advice!

Claire W.
Claire W.Pewaukee, WI

My primary care doctor runs all kinds of tests, then glosses over the results.  I depend on Jim to analyze the whole picture and explain the information so I can understand.  Jim’s recommendations are awesome.

Tom W.
Tom W.Pewaukee, WI

Jim Ehmke had a profoundly positive effect on me, thankfully early on in my own clinical practice.  In fact, I was lucky enough to by mentored by him, and he was kind enough to pass on to me the decades of clinical experience he accumulated in his clinical practice.  I apply that information to this day.  Jim was and is known for getting results, and for leaving no stone unturned in the attempt to find and address the cause of health issues.  He is the most gifted “health detective” I have ever known.  I couldn’t have been in a better place at a better time when I met him, and I continue to apply, clinically, the depth of information I learned.  I am forever grateful for his guidance.  Thanks Jim!

Jason S.
Jason S.Milwaukee, WI

I have found Jim Ehmke to be exceptionally knowledgeable, thorough, and effective throughout the nearly ten years we’ve worked together. He regularly discovers solutions for many hard to treat conditions that have gone unresolved despite numerous attempts by other health care practitioners. Consistently kind and patient, Jim has an excellent over-the-phone presence. He is by far the most informed and progressive nutritional consultant I have ever known! Many people’s most challenging health issues have been resolved as a result of Jim’s impressive expertise.

Janet P.
Janet P.Ft. Collins, CO

A few years ago I was surprised by an emergency surgery with a subsequent diagnosis of Stage III-d colon cancer. I thank God for Jim’s help, which played a major role in my recovery. Jim was with me every step of the way, reviewing my clinical tests, oncologist analysis’, and doctor recommendations. Jim worked with me on an intensive supplementation program and diet regimen. And, he continues to review my progress and suggest adjustments to my protocols. Jim’s caring enthusiasm and cogent analysis are things for which I am truly thankful.

Tom M.
Tom M.Mt. Pleasant, WI

Personal Experiences with Structured Water

I was introduced to structured water when I asked Karen and Jim Ehmke for the best water system. I had a water purifier and wanted to go beyond this to the purest water possible. That is structured water.

After installing the under the sink in the kitchen, the shower filter, and having the portable unit I noticed a difference right away. I have been a person conscious of water intake and hydration and this provides the finest hydration system possible. I like knowing each of my cells is being hydrated to full capacity. Even having good energy throughout the day I noticed increased energy especially while exercising and also quicker recovery. The shower filter leaves your skin and hair feeling very clean. I have such peace of mind knowing that my drinking, cooking, washing water is of the highest quality. I highly recommend structured water.

Harriet P.
Harriet P.Chicago, IL

I bought a portable dynamically enhanced Structured Water unit about 5 months ago. I decided to follow Jim’s instruction that to get maximum therapeutic benefits I should structure all my drinking water 6 times – pour the water through 6 times. I decided to make a couple gallons at a time so I could stay ahead of my needs. It’s simple and quick. After 3 months I noticed some distinct improvement in my varicose veins that I’ve had for years. In the past some of my varicose veins were so bad that I had a medical procedure to clear certain areas. Nothing before had helped the veins so this dramatic improvement not only got my attention, but I had to give structured water the credit. I realize that technically this isn’t proof of anything, but my diet, exercise and lifestyle didn’t change. In fact, during this time my stress level was actually higher than normal. Now, after 6 months of improved hydration drinking the dynamically enhanced structured water, the bulging in my varicose veins is dramatically diminished. This is very important to me because when the blood in varicose veins “pools” the situation is progressive. Now my veins are completely stable and I’m delighted.  I highly recommend the use of structured water.

Dale C.
Dale C.Whitewater, WI
I purchased the structured water shower unit and the portable drinking water unit.  I love them both.
I live in the Midwest and my skin is always so dry in the winter that I end up using heavy creams and oils to no avail.  My skin didn’t feel hydrated so I would always be  uncomfortable.  This year we are having the coldest winter that I can remember so my skin should be a complete wreck.  However, I have been using the SW shower unit and what a difference.  I seldom need to use oil or cream on my skin.  The few times I do have an irritated patch of skin, the cream I received from Karen has taken care of them in only one or two applications.  Totally amazing.
Drinking enough water has always been a problem for me.  To drink the daily recommended amount frequently causes bloating, mood swings and crying to relieve water pressure.  This has not been my experience with the SW portable unit.   I enjoy drinking the treated water and even feel completely hydrated.
The units have been a great investment in my health and I highly recommend them.
Jacqui N.
Jacqui N.Wisconsin

When I moved to Bellingham in 2005, I had been spoiled by many years of drinking Mt. Shasta spring water (the city’s drinking water for those who live there). The first thing that was on my mind was to get a water system installed that I could feel confident in. Fortunately, I met someone within a few days of moving that had a structured water system that I was able to experience. I put in my order that day and have been grateful to have a whole house water system that gives me revitalized water that is easily absorbed by my body. I have never regretted my decision.

L.F.Bellingham, WA

My most impressive experience with my portable unit is what it does for wine. I read that the taste of wine is improved when poured through the portable and since I make homemade wine, I was very interested to check this out. The taste of the wine I structured was not only better, it was REALLY better. When my wife came home, I gave her two samples of wine in the double blind fashion and she immediately chose the structured wine as the best. (Note: many people report that structuring improves the taste of almost all wines).

Tom M.
Tom M.Racine, WI