Structured water portable unit in cobalt blue

The Remarkable Health Benefits of Shungite

It’s been revealed that a most exciting new natural mineral, Shungite, is one of the elements added to the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Units. Shungite has so many remarkable benefits to health and healing we can’t believe we’ve heard nothing about it (or maybe that’s why). Russian scientists have performed hundreds of studies on the effect of Shungite on human health and have used it in spas, clinics and hospitals for decades. Geologist Regina Martino states in her book on Shungite, “the isolation of the Soviet world from western influence meant it was spared from the overpowering domination of multinational pharmaceutical companies.”

Therapeutically, Shungite is much stronger, more stable and longer lasting than other treatments because it contains a new form of carbon, discovered in 1985 and described below. When added to water, Shungite absorbs up to 95% of heavy metals and other contaminants. One of Shungite greatest assets is its ability to protect us from the impact of electromagnetic radiation. Many studies have proven that Shungite contains powerful radio shielding and radio absorbing properties which  significantly reduce the levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).

Moreover, research shows that Shungite water:

  • offers protection from ionizing and nonionizing radiation
  • is one of the most powerful antioxidants known today
  • is extremely effective at removing free radicals.
  • almost completely removes pathogenic bacteria including E.coli
  • has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine qualities
  • stimulates immune system defenses

Also, Shungite has been shown to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce skin irritation, increase enzymatic activity, stimulate the ability of tissues to regenerate, improve the resistance of the body’s cells, foster the exchange of neurotransmitters, neutralize toxins in the body, and much more.

The name Shungite, pronounced to rhyme with kite, is derived from the Russian Karelian village of Shun’ga, which contains the only known deposit (a huge one) of Shungite on earth. This mineral was known and recognized in Karelia for centuries but it wasn’t until 1985 that scientists conducted experiments and identified the existence of this unique carbon structure. During these studies they discovered the first “fullerene”, which led to the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. Fullerenes are a new form of carbon consisting of sixty carbon atoms (C60) composed of 20 hexagons (6-angled) and 12 pentagons (5-angled) in the symmetrical shape of a soccer ball. Thanks to the soccer-ball shape, a molecule of fullerene attracts toxins that become stuck to it, covering it’s entire surface. The presence of numerous toxins side by side on a fullerene base leads to a molecular transformation of the toxins into neutral, harmless compounds. At the same time, a fullerene does not lose its molecular composition and continues to attract toxins in a self renewing dynamic.

The name fullerene originates from an interesting source. It was named after American architect R. Buckminster Fuller for the geodesic dome he designed for the 1967 Montreal World Expedition.The geodesic dome that Fuller conceived is an exact replica of the structure of fullerene C60.

Shungite and EMFS

Electromagnetic radiation is one of the principal sources of left torsion fields (counter clockwise) which are very harmful to health. Conversely, Shungite is known to be beneficial to health because it emits a maximum of right torsion fields (clockwise). It is this characteristic that allows it to offer major resistance to the impact of harmful left torsion fields and to transform them into healthful right torsion fields. Because  of the unique presence of fullerenes in Shungite, it does not take on a charge when exposed to sources such as electromagnetic radiation.

In summary, research on Shungite demonstrates its strong neutralizing effects of toxins, EMFs and all the electromagnetic fields that surround us. Shungite neutralizes these harmful effects, not eliminating them but preventing their deleterious impact on health.

Yours in Health,
Jim and Karen