How to use colloidal silver

How To Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray (with Video)

When used correctly, colloidal silver can knock out sinus infections, colds, sore throats and thwart upper respiratory infections before they migrate into the bronchioles / lungs. Using it in nasal spray form is a very effective way to access the sinuses and upper throat. Use colloidal silver at the first sign of symptoms and be […]

Finished pesto - delicious!

Pesto 2 Ways (dairy free)

By popular demand because it’s so tasty, Karen offers her pesto recipe below. Years ago we replaced Romano cheese with hemp hearts in our pesto and thought they were fantastic, so much so that we never looked back. The nutritional yeast is a recent addition. When we prepared our daughter Lora’s pesto, we discovered its […]

Structured water portable unit in cobalt blue

The Remarkable Health Benefits of Shungite

It’s been revealed that a most exciting new natural mineral, Shungite, is one of the elements added to the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Units. Shungite has so many remarkable benefits to health and healing we can’t believe we’ve heard nothing about it (or maybe that’s why). Russian scientists have performed hundreds of studies on the […]

structured water

Structured Water as Drinking Water & as a Basis and an Accompaniment to Human Therapy

Structured water units have been available to interested parties since 1987. Since that time, 1000’s of units have been installed in many countries. The accumulated experience is very extensive and confirms that structured water, representing a high-quality drinking water, improves the state of health of humans, animals and plants.

Jim Ehmke's Tabouli Salad

Mock Tabouli Salad (gluten free)

This recipe serves 8 large servings. Adjust proportions to the amount you wish to make. Karen and I eat this for 4 consecutive days (8 servings). It’s amazing how fresh the marinade keeps the salad for this period of time. Store covered in refrigerator. All ingredients organic. Ingredients Salad: 1.5 lbs. organic curly parsley 1.5 […]

Karen Ehmke's healthy kale salad with rice

Kale with Wild Rice Salad (gluten free)

My favorite kale is Lacinato for it’s delicate flavor and texture. If it’s available, I choose it for my salad. I also like all the black kales and use them as a base, sometimes adding red or green kales in smaller amounts. Store covered in refrigerator. All organic ingredients are encouraged. Ingredients 3 – 3½ […]

Structured water healing water therapy

The 3 Minute Water Cure

Water therapy is new to my personal and professional experience. However, it’s not new relative to my awareness of the central and vital role water plays in all aspects of health. I recall my first education re/ water therapy in the 70’s when I was in my early 20’s. I read a little book called The Practical Water Cure by a yogi who’s name I don’t recall, but the book was a gem and provided an education about how the healers and yogis of India had developed a range of healing water therapies over thousands of years. But unfortunately…

Exciting New Thyroid Information

In almost 40 years of clinical practice I can’t count the number of times thyroid problems have been at the core of many health issues and went undiagnosed, untreated or under treated. The confusion wasn’t in observing the obvious, but rather in using certain blood tests to evaluate thyroid function and determine the type and dosage of thyroid medication.