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How to Structure Water (with 2 Videos)

Structuring water couldn’t be easier. With the portable unit, just place the funnel downward and pour water through your unit into the container you want to use. It could be a glass, a water bottle (BPA free), or a glass half-gallon or gallon jug. We like half-gallon bottles because they’re pretty large and not too heavy.

Many of our clients drink purified structured water, usually filtered or distilled. We structure water directly from our distiller through our portable unit into a bottle. If you have an under sink purification system, you can pour water directly from the faucet into your container. Structuring water from five gallon bottles of purchased purified water is another common practice.

You may know that we strongly encourage structuring water at least 6 times for extra energy and best health benefits. We do this ourselves and have become even more delighted with drinking structured water because we find ourselves experiencing better and better hydration over time. Why not go for the best? Jim structures two bottles every morning and has timed the process at only 3 minutes (see his 3 minute water cure article). Energized structured water retains the extra benefits for a week or more if you keep it out of the sun.

We’re sure that many of you have devised your own system of structuring water multiple times. Here are a two videos that show how one of our sons and our daughter structure water 6 times.

Structuring 5 Gallons of Water

Our son Brian devised this system for structuring a five gallon bottle of water 6 times.

Structuring a Liter of Water

In this video our daughter Lora uses two liter bottles to structure water 6 times.