The Remarkable Health Benefits of Shungite

It’s been revealed that a most exciting new natural mineral, Shungite, is one of the elements added to the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Units. Shungite has so many remarkable benefits to health and healing we can’t believe we’ve heard nothing about it (or maybe that’s why). Russian scientists have performed hundreds of studies on the effect of Shungite on human health and have used it in spas, clinics and hospitals for decades. Geologist Regina Martino states in her book on Shungite, “the isolation of the Soviet world from western influence meant it was spared from the overpowering domination of multinational pharmaceutical companies.”

Therapeutically, Shungite is much stronger, more stable and longer lasting than other treatments because it contains a new form of carbon, discovered in 1985 and described below. When added to water, Shungite absorbs up to 95% of heavy metals and other contaminants. One of Shungite greatest assets is its ability to protect us from the impact of electromagnetic radiation. Many studies have proven that Shungite contains powerful radio shielding and radio absorbing properties which  significantly reduce the levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).

Moreover, research shows that Shungite water:

  • offers protection from ionizing and nonionizing radiation
  • is one of the most powerful antioxidants known today
  • is extremely effective at removing free radicals.
  • almost completely removes pathogenic bacteria including E.coli
  • has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine qualities
  • stimulates immune system defenses

Also, Shungite has been shown to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce skin irritation, increase enzymatic activity, stimulate the ability of tissues to regenerate, improve the resistance of the body’s cells, foster the exchange of neurotransmitters, neutralize toxins in the body, and much more.

The name Shungite, pronounced to rhyme with kite, is derived from the Russian Karelian village of Shun’ga, which contains the only known deposit (a huge one) of Shungite on earth. This mineral was known and recognized in Karelia for centuries but it wasn’t until 1985 that scientists conducted experiments and identified the existence of this unique carbon structure. During these studies they discovered the first “fullerene”, which led to the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. Fullerenes are a new form of carbon consisting of sixty carbon atoms (C60) composed of 20 hexagons (6-angled) and 12 pentagons (5-angled) in the symmetrical shape of a soccer ball. Thanks to the soccer-ball shape, a molecule of fullerene attracts toxins that become stuck to it, covering it’s entire surface. The presence of numerous toxins side by side on a fullerene base leads to a molecular transformation of the toxins into neutral, harmless compounds. At the same time, a fullerene does not lose its molecular composition and continues to attract toxins in a self renewing dynamic.

The name fullerene originates from an interesting source. It was named after American architect R. Buckminster Fuller for the geodesic dome he designed for the 1967 Montreal World Expedition.The geodesic dome that Fuller conceived is an exact replica of the structure of fullerene C60.

Shungite and EMFS

Electromagnetic radiation is one of the principal sources of left torsion fields (counter clockwise) which are very harmful to health. Conversely, Shungite is known to be beneficial to health because it emits a maximum of right torsion fields (clockwise). It is this characteristic that allows it to offer major resistance to the impact of harmful left torsion fields and to transform them into healthful right torsion fields. Because  of the unique presence of fullerenes in Shungite, it does not take on a charge when exposed to sources such as electromagnetic radiation.

In summary, research on Shungite demonstrates its strong neutralizing effects of toxins, EMFs and all the electromagnetic fields that surround us. Shungite neutralizes these harmful effects, not eliminating them but preventing their deleterious impact on health.

Yours in Health,
Jim and Karen


Structured Water as Drinking Water & as a Basis and an Accompaniment to Human Therapy

Levitated Water herein referred to as “structured water.”
Edited for clear reading by Natural Action Technologies

Levitation machines for the treatment of drinking water have been available to interested parties since 1987. Since that time, 1000’s of units have been installed in many countries. The accumulated experience is very extensive and confirms that structured water, representing a high-quality drinking water, improves the state of health of humans, animals and plants.

In certain cases, astonishing effects, especially with the very ill, are reported, sometimes medically observed and documented. Let us review some points that should help in the understanding of the effects of structured water on human metabolism.

Water has many functions in the human organism:

  • Maintenance of the colloidal state of the bodily fluids, especially of the blood
  • Detoxifying the body through the carrying away of metabolic wastes, poisonous metabolic by-products as well as of invasive poisonous or metabolically damaging substances
  • Information exchange, and there by the performance of control functions throughout the entire body
  • Absorption of vital information from food

The colloidal state of human blood can be examined by means of a wide range of observational methods performed on blood samples, especially with the Bradford Test. A disturbance of the colloidal state indicates that the organism is sick. Degenerative diseases, in particular, can be clearly revealed in the early stages using this technique.

According to the Bradford Test, a blood analysis involves placing a sample of capillary blood on a slide and examining it under a microscope. The picture on the top (Figure 1: top image) shows the evaporation cracks left after drying out. Apart from these, the blood presents a very homogeneous image. Before drying out, the blood exhibited a distinctive colloidal state. The decay of the colloidal state, the cause of the illness, can be seen in the bottom picture (Figure 1: bottom image) in the form of the separation of liquid and solid blood components. This also leads to a modification of the blood consistency. Blood generally becomes more viscous following disturbance to the colloidal state. The Bradford procedure permits an even more extensive diagnosis.

This included an estimate of the percentage concentration of ROTS (Reactive Oxygen Toxic Substances). This has to do with free radicals, toxic chemicals with aggressive hydrogen bonds.

In the fall of 1989, a medically supervised test involving 55 subjects on a liquid cure was carried out. This was done in collaboration with the Bradford Institute in Germany. The subjects consumed 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day for 3 months. Blood samples were taken from each person at the beginning of the test, after 6 weeks and again at 3 months. These were tested using the Bradford Test as well the usual blood tests.

Structured water results

Figure 1: Top image before drinking water, bottom image after drinking water

The stabilizing or reestablishment of the colloidal state of the blood following consumption of Structured water was very clear. This can be seen in the context of two examples, as follows:

Blood of a relatively healthy person can be seen before (figure 2: top image) and after (Figure 2: bottom image) the 3 month liquid cure. Before the cure, this subject’s intercellular immune system shows the signs of slight stress, recognizable by the white coloration. This stress was compensated for during the course of the cure, so that the blood samples taken at the end of the cure show an almost ideal blood picture. The ROTS levels were reduced from 3% to 0%.

structured water

Figure 2: Top image before drinking structured water, bottom image after drinking structured water

Even more remarkable is the effect of structured water on the health of the following test subject:

Blood of a test subject with clearly visible signs of a degenerate disease is shown before (Figure 3: top image) and after (figure 3: bottom image) the 3 month cure.

The blood picture of this subject taken before the cure shows a blood morphology, which, according to the Bradford-Allen effect, indicates a degenerative disease with strong free radical activity. The subject was found to be in the early stages of cancer, as predicted by the Bradford diagnosis. The colloidal state of the blood here is badly disturbed and the blood appears to be falling apart. Besides the regeneration of the colloidal state, the liquid cure has achieved a reduction of the ROTS component from 12% to 5%.

Figure 3: top image before

Figure 3: Improvement in a very ill patient drinking structured water

It is remarkable that the extent of the cancer among patients in a pre-cancerous condition was reduced by 38% on average. This is consistent with observations made by doctors and with the experience of users of structured water, who have succeeded in ameliorating their cancers by drinking structured water.

The results demonstrate that structured water causes a purification of the cells by helping to flush out ROTS elements and allergenic agents. The purification due to structured water can also be seen, for example, in the greatly reduced concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide, a by-product of metabolism.

Of course such purification processes vary significantly from one individual to another. This is true of the course the process takes as a function of time and of the appearance of subjective side effects. At the beginning of such a purification process, waste products are deposited in the blood stream. The duration of this phase is very variable, as waste products can collect in the tissue over a long time. Depending on the toxicity and concentration of the waste products in the blood stream, certain substances can become temporarily virulent, leading to systems such as headaches. Such symptoms can be observed on first taking structured water and some people, unaware of the purification process, are sufficiently concerned that they stop taking the water.

In the medically supervised liquid cure mentioned above, the duration of the purification process was very different between test subjects. In certain cases, a deterioration of the blood picture after 6 weeks was observed.
Regular consumption of structured water, leading to normalization of the metabolic process, also had effects on quantitative blood tests. For example, test subjects with excessive levels of fat in the blood found these levels reduced to normal values in the course of the cure.

These and other results reported in the following lead to the conclusion that structured water improves the flow of information in the body and thus supports the control functions of the immune system. Further information derived from outside the body, such as that from homeopathic medicines, reaches the metabolism in amplified form. Homeopathic doctors report extended or intensified efficacy of medication when combined with structured water. Biological drugs and medication, such as herb extracts, vitamins etc. also exhibit enhanced activity when taken in combination with structured water.

Structured water is continuously in use in medically supervised treatment programs. The extensive medical observations, along with the numerous reports from users allow one to draw up a list of the many and varied effects of structured water on human metabolism. It must be appreciated in this context that structured water can certainly produce improvements. It is important that the reader is aware of the necessary difference of response between individuals, which is indeed the case in all areas of nutrition and medicine. He must also recognize the need for precise, specific observations of one’s own responses.

One very quickly becomes used to drinking structured water. Many people maintain that structured water is easier to drink and that, after a break, a strong craving can arise. Structured water is evidently varied as received by the body.

Regular consumption of structured water improves concentration, stamina and general well being. Sleep disturbances are reduced, and everyday complaints of uneasiness and dejection become less common or disappear altogether. It is regularly reported that digestion returns to normal very quickly as does the body’s fluid budget. Numerous observations indicate stimulation of the metabolism, such as improved blood supply and normalization of the blood pressure. The activity of the kidneys and spleen is stimulated along with the effects of narcotics, such as alcohol, are offset by drinking structured water. In many cases, the symptoms of alcohol reaction disappeared immediately after consumption of structured water.


This is one of the most important effects of structured water. As already mentioned, it can involve side effects, such as headaches, in a manner similar to the purification process. These symptoms disappear more or less quickly, depending on the individual. In serious cases of toxic poisoning, for example, resulting from the breathing in of solvent vapors, powerful symptoms arise after a glass of water. In such cases, one should increase the daily water intake slowly and take suitable medical advice.

Some doctors have successfully produced amalgams of structured water with homeopathic medications. A daily water intake of about three liters is recommended in such cases. Many observations of regular consumption of structured water can be explained in terms of detoxification the body, such as normalization of the liver and blood fat levels.

The detoxification of the body through drinking structured water is accompanied by the dissolution of mineral deposits. In a way, many testimonials are known of the dissolution of kidney and gallstones following regular consumption of structured water.

For diseases manifesting themselves predominantly on the skin, the internal and external (in poultices, compresses, irrigation and moistening of the affected parts) use of structured water has been found to be beneficial. Positive results have been reported in cases of neurodermatitis, psoriasis and acne, mostly in the context of alternative medicine. The sensitivity of the skin to sunlight also decreases, so that the effects of sunburn are checked spontaneously by the application of a poultice. With neurodermatitis, the ability to absorb food is improved. Reports have reached us to the effect that the alleviation of asthma symptoms have resulted form inhalation of structured water.

Structured water has an amelioration effect of inflammation, including those of the mouth. Bleeding of the gums is also reduced by regular rinsing with structured water along with the growth of tarter.

Hacheney Friedrich. Levitiertes Wasser Dingfelder Verlag. 1993

The 3 Minute Water Cure

Water therapy is new to my personal and professional experience. However, it’s not new relative to my awareness of the central and vital role water plays in all aspects of health. I recall my first education re/ water therapy in the 70’s when I was in my early 20’s. I read a little book called The Practical Water Cure by a yogi who’s name I don’t recall, but the book was a gem and provided an education about how the healers and yogis of India had developed a range of healing water therapies over thousands of years.

But unfortunately I didn’t apply water healing therapy personally because I really didn’t like drinking water unless I was thirsty, and even then I drank just enough to quench my thirst. Then came Dr Batmanghelidj’s (fondly referred to as Dr B or Dr Batman) groundbreaking best-selling book, Your Bodies Many Cries For Water in 1992, and the world was introduced to the subject of healing water therapy from a Western perspective. I was fascinated by the book and all the health conditions that responded to water therapy. I began recommending it professionally and even though I was impressed with the results I still didn’t do it myself. Goodness, I was violating my own rule of professional conduct: “Never ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do or haven’t done.” So personally, and for the most part professionally, I missed the opportunity to help countless clients and myself.

Click here to read a short bio on Dr B. Impressive.

But isn’t it interesting how life keeps bringing lessons we need to learn…again and again, and this is what’s happening now in my experience with water.

At this time, with the introduction of Structured Water (SW), healing water therapy is not only alive and well but has taken a new and dynamic turn for the better. Structured water has added an entirely new dimension to water therapy because it dramatically improves cellular hydration, the key to hydration.

Here’s the formula with a short comment about SW.

“Pour 1/2 gallon pure water through the portable structuring unit 6 times every morning. This takes 3 minutes and is not as tedious as it might seem. Then drink this throughout the day. Repeat every day indefinitely.”

We all have busy lives, but who can’t find 3 minutes a day to improve their health and energy?

To your good health,

Structured Water And Hydration

Enough can’t be said about how important adequate hydration is to the health of the entire body. No exceptions. Air and water are easily the most important nutrients in human nutrition and life.

Up until recently, the focus on water has been on water chemistry: chemicals, heavy metals, carcinogens, etc. While this is certainly important, when it comes to hydration, the key is not water purity, but molecular bonding. Molecular bonding describes how water molecules bond to each other in a process called “clustering.”

When water is stagnant (which includes all tap, bottled and purified water) it forms “large clusters.” In nature large clusters are converted into small clusters by movement: currents, waves, streams & rivers, waterfalls, evaporation/condensation (rain/snow), etc. The health advantage to small clusters is that it’s easier for cells to absorb water, and if water is not absorbed into the living cell, hydration does not occur. Just drinking large amounts of pure water does not guarantee cellular hydration. Indeed, many people drink and quickly urinate which is an obvious indicator that the water never reached their cells.

The key to the ability of cells to uptake water is the size of the clusters – the smaller the better. The scientific way to measure the size of water clusters is surface tension. The surface tension of all tap, bottled and purified water is ~ 80+ dynes per square centimeter. After “structuring” (which is the term used to describe the process of reducing large clusters to small clusters) the surface tension is reduced to ~ 40+ dynes per square centimeter. This makes it much easier for cells to absorb water.

In my experience personally and professionally, I have been completely impressed with Structured Water. Clinically the results have been very diverse and highly beneficial, which is what one would expect when a dehydrated body becomes hydrated — the health of every cell is improved. I highly recommend that you structure all your water; drinking, cooking, etc. Structuring should be done after water has been purified of chemicals. Again, structuring does not remove chemicals. Pure water is essential and pure structured water is ideal.