The 3 Minute Water Cure

Water therapy is new to my personal and professional experience. However, it’s not new relative to my awareness of the central and vital role water plays in all aspects of health. I recall my first education re/ water therapy in the 70’s when I was in my early 20’s. I read a little book called The Practical Water Cure by a yogi who’s name I don’t recall, but the book was a gem and provided an education about how the healers and yogis of India had developed a range of healing water therapies over thousands of years.

But unfortunately I didn’t apply water healing therapy personally because I really didn’t like drinking water unless I was thirsty, and even then I drank just enough to quench my thirst. Then came Dr Batmanghelidj’s (fondly referred to as Dr B or Dr Batman) groundbreaking best-selling book, Your Bodies Many Cries For Water in 1992, and the world was introduced to the subject of healing water therapy from a Western perspective. I was fascinated by the book and all the health conditions that responded to water therapy. I began recommending it professionally and even though I was impressed with the results I still didn’t do it myself. Goodness, I was violating my own rule of professional conduct: “Never ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do or haven’t done.” So personally, and for the most part professionally, I missed the opportunity to help countless clients and myself.

Click here to read a short bio on Dr B. Impressive.

But isn’t it interesting how life keeps bringing lessons we need to learn…again and again, and this is what’s happening now in my experience with water.

At this time, with the introduction of Structured Water (SW), healing water therapy is not only alive and well but has taken a new and dynamic turn for the better. Structured water has added an entirely new dimension to water therapy because it dramatically improves cellular hydration, the key to hydration.

Here’s the formula with a short comment about SW.

“Pour 1/2 gallon pure water through the portable structuring unit 6 times every morning. This takes 3 minutes and is not as tedious as it might seem. Then drink this throughout the day. Repeat every day indefinitely.”

We all have busy lives, but who can’t find 3 minutes a day to improve their health and energy?

To your good health,

Structured Water And Hydration

Enough can’t be said about how important adequate hydration is to the health of the entire body. No exceptions. Air and water are easily the most important nutrients in human nutrition and life.

Up until recently, the focus on water has been on water chemistry: chemicals, heavy metals, carcinogens, etc. While this is certainly important, when it comes to hydration, the key is not water purity, but molecular bonding. Molecular bonding describes how water molecules bond to each other in a process called “clustering.”

When water is stagnant (which includes all tap, bottled and purified water) it forms “large clusters.” In nature large clusters are converted into small clusters by movement: currents, waves, streams & rivers, waterfalls, evaporation/condensation (rain/snow), etc. The health advantage to small clusters is that it’s easier for cells to absorb water, and if water is not absorbed into the living cell, hydration does not occur. Just drinking large amounts of pure water does not guarantee cellular hydration. Indeed, many people drink and quickly urinate which is an obvious indicator that the water never reached their cells.

The key to the ability of cells to uptake water is the size of the clusters – the smaller the better. The scientific way to measure the size of water clusters is surface tension. The surface tension of all tap, bottled and purified water is ~ 80+ dynes per square centimeter. After “structuring” (which is the term used to describe the process of reducing large clusters to small clusters) the surface tension is reduced to ~ 40+ dynes per square centimeter. This makes it much easier for cells to absorb water.

In my experience personally and professionally, I have been completely impressed with Structured Water. Clinically the results have been very diverse and highly beneficial, which is what one would expect when a dehydrated body becomes hydrated — the health of every cell is improved. I highly recommend that you structure all your water; drinking, cooking, etc. Structuring should be done after water has been purified of chemicals. Again, structuring does not remove chemicals. Pure water is essential and pure structured water is ideal.